When you hear the term 'green moving', you may think this just means recycling everything possible. That is a great start, but we can do better. Instead of moving the traditional way, ask your mover if they offer any 'green moving' services. You can easily achieve a green move by choosing the most environmentally friendly packing materials and reusing supplies.

Green Moving Tips

  • Purge Items Before you Move. This may seem obvious during any move, but you will save on gas and packing supplies if you simply have less to move in the first place. Don't toss the items you are purging either. Donate, recycle, or even hold a garage sale to put more green in your pocket this Spring.
  • Use Plastic Bins. Instead of the traditional cardboard box, ask your mover if they are able to supply reusable plastic bins for your move. Not only can plastic bins be reused for multiple moves, they are sturdier and you won't have to think about breaking them down for recycling or how to remove them from your home. Movers will simply retrieve all bins used during the move and you'll be left with much less moving waste.
  • Use What you Have. You may already have plastic bins, use them. Socks, blankets, clothes, and towels make for great alternative to packing peanuts and newspaper when packing breakables. If you do use newspaper for packing, consider recusing it in your garden for a great weed blocker.
  • Green Replacements. If you want all that comes with a traditional move while still staying conscientious of our environment, look into biodegradable moving products. There are several green alternatives to bubble wrap and packing peanuts, many made from easily biodegradable vegetable oils or cornstarch. 
A green move is definitely within reach for any moving budget. Just ask your mover what options they offer and start reaching green alternatives early in your moving process.