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Do you need modular furniture installation services, whether it is part of your office move or independent of one? DeHaven's has the technique, expertise and equipment necessary to provide comprehensive modular and systems furniture installation services. We can reconfigure and install office furniture, providing assistance with space planning, cleaning and any other need you may have. Our competitively-priced, efficient services ensure an installation experience that minimizes downtime and adheres to your budget.

Our project management for modular furniture installation ensures a seamless process from inception to completion. You can rest assured that productivity levels are at a high and efficiency is a priority when installing systems and modular office furniture. We protect your doorways and carpets, setting up office furniture safely and quickly. Based on your office space and where you want your furniture, our professionals will arrange you modular or systems furniture. We have experience with installing all the major brands of office furniture.

If you need us to coordinate and execute a complete office move that includes modular furniture installation services, we can provide you with this comprehensive solution. If you simply need our professionals to come in and reconfigure or install modular or systems office furniture, we can accomplish this as well. Contact DeHaven's today to discuss your specific needs.

Contact DeHaven's today regarding your furniture installation needs. Call one of our offices near you to speak with a specialist.

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