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Having a reliable records storage and management service can save your business space, time, and most importantly, money. DeHaven’s offers a streamlined solution for storing your years of files and documents. We specialize in records storage management, and have clients ranging from medical offices and law firms to accounting businesses and universities. Ask one of our local customer service professionals to provide you the information you need to get started with records storage management.

Document Storage Facilities

Whether you are storing a few files or thousands of files, our warehouses are secured and protected by fire and theft services so your records will be stored securely. Offering you a cost-effective solution to your records storage needs, DeHaven’s is ready to pick-up and store your institution’s documents.

Records Management

Save money, space, time, and resources with DeHaven's records management services. Our comprehensive and competitively-priced records management services ensure that your files are organized, well-maintained, and securely stored. All files are carefully coded, tagged, stored, and shelved in mapped locations in a locked, local warehouse. Our inventory management system also ensures that your files will be orderly and ready for retrieval should you need them -- saving you the expense of hiring personnel to manage your files.

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