It's the day before Halloween, you've just moved into your new home, and you've yet to find a costume because you have been busy moving all week. Don't fret. We've rounded up some incredibly simple last minutes costume ideas. All you'll need is those leftover moving boxes and some paint (colored tape might even work if that's all you have on hand).

1. A Rubik's Cube via Design Mom

2. A Lego Block via Country Living

3. Thomas the Train via Hello, Wonderful

4. An iPod via Popsugar

5. Candy via Maeday

6. A Stoplight via flickr user woodleywonderworks

7. Dice via

8. A Firetruck via Loving My Nest

9. Tetris vis Instructables

10. A Gift via

Whether your child has changed their mind a million times and you are now in need of a last minute costume or you have decided you want to dress up after all, these easy ideas will do the trick. Get rid of some of those moving boxes and put together a last minute costume without spending any money.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!