Did you know that the state of Texas has a disproportionate amount of medical centers and districts located all throughout its lands, from state border to state border? Ultimately, if you’re looking to start or grow your medical career, moving to Texas is one of the best possible steps that you can take.

These Texan medical centers tend to heavily favor hospitals, research facilities, and educational institutions. This means that there’s likely a career for you, no matter what type of medical future career you envision yourself having. 

Our Raleigh-Durham long distance moving company would like to inform you about the medical career opportunities that may just make you consider moving from Raleigh-Durham to Texas.

Houston Medical Careers at the Texas Medical Center

Employing just over 100,000 people, the Texas Medical Center constitutes a fantastic reason for moving to Houston. The Texas Medical Center Corporation is a general umbrella group that houses over sixty smaller medical institutions - it’s the largest of its kind in the world! Located in south-central Houston, this medical center (which has its own neighborhood and community) has many different types of facilities for working in and perpetuating top-notch patient care and clinical research. 

Dallas Medical Careers in the Southwestern Medical District

Interested in moving to Dallas instead of Houston? At the Southwestern Medical District, a 1,000-acre plot of medical-related facilities, you could find a job assisting with research, medical and health education, or even managing clinical care. This medical center attracts nearly 3 million patient visits per year, meaning that there’s definitely always going to be enough work to go around. 

San Antonio Medical Careers at the South Texas Medical Center

If you’d prefer to contemplate moving to San Antonio instead, consider looking at the South Texas Medical Center. This behemoth of a medical institution serves 38 counties, is an umbrella over 45 smaller institutions, and has 4200 combined patient beds. And - they’re growing. The STMC has been investing significantly in construction projects, meaning they’ll be looking for new workers to staff those new halls. 

Consider Long-Distance Moving to Texas for Your Financial Future

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