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There's no doubt that local movers in Raleigh can make moving easy. Not only can they help you pack up your belongings properly, can they can transport them to your new location, all while staying on schedule. Although hiring a mover sounds pretty straightforward, you're in for a big surprise if you don't do your homework.

You probably already know to ask about affiliations, years in business, and licensure, but that's only the beginning. Avoid surprise charges and unexpected issues by knowing what to ask a mover before you hire them for the job.

Do You Give Binding Quotes? Does the Quote Include Extra Charges?

Most moving companies will provide free quotes. It's a great way to compare the cost of providers in the area, but be careful. A free quote isn't always what it seems.

Many quotes are really just estimates, which means you could end up paying more than you thought in the end, especially if the initial quote didn't include extra charges.

When you receive your quote from a Raleigh long distance moving company, make sure you find out if the quote is binding. You should also ask about additional charges that could include long carry charges, appliance charges, parking charges, fuel charges, and more.

What Type of Insurance Do You Offer?

Accidents happen, but hiring a professional moving company means you shouldn't have to worry about damaged items. If something does happen and some of your belongings end up damaged or lost, you want to make sure you're covered.

It's fairly common for a moving company to provide an insurance rate of 60 cents per pound included in the moving cost, but it isn't a guarantee. In addition, if you'd like more insurance, you should ask about their insurance packages and how much they cost. You may discover that a third-party insurer is the way to go.

Deposit & Payment

You shouldn't have to pay for service until it has been rendered, right? Maybe. You should avoid moving companies that require a large deposit or the entire cost of the move upfront. A small deposit is expected, but make sure to ask if that deposit will go towards the cost of your move or if it will be refunded.

Avoid moving companies that only accept cash. The best moving companies accept multiple forms of payment.

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