By now, most of you have started to pack away the Christmas decorations and take down the tree. It's normally a tedious process that we all start to dread this time of year, but we have a few tips to make things easier this time around.

Christmas Storage Ideas

This is the best time of year to buy Christmas storage bins specially designed to safely store all of your decorations. Unfortunately, these bins can still be quite expensive even during a sale. Here are a few tips to store your decorations without spending much:

1. Use Cardboard to Store Lights
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2. Glue Plastic Cups to Cardboard to Safely Store Ornaments
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3. Reuse Egg Cartons to Store Smaller Ornaments
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4. Use a Dry Cleaning Bag to Store and Protect a Wreath

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For those of you with artificial Christmas trees, you can simply skip tips 1-3 and choose to do this instead:

5. Wrap your Decorated Tree and Store As Is

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Now, we're off to finish packing away our office holiday decorations until December rolls around again.
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