Labor Day is just around the corner, and savvy shoppers are preparing for big sales. With back-to-school and end-of-summer deals coming to an end, this weekend could mean the biggest discounts on home items until holiday sales begin. We've done a bit of research for you and pulled together the best items to purchase this weekend for your new home.

1. Appliances
Retailers typically mark down appliances for sale on long holiday weekends. Expect to see up to 45% off major appliances this weekend. If you just moved in to your new home or your ten year old washer is on the fritz, this is the time to buy!

2. A Mattress
We are already seeing mark downs at mattress stores across the country. Look for sales of 50-60% off mattresses at factory stores and department stores alike. Remember, it's suggested that you replace your mattress every 8 years. If you have a mattress that was purchased in or before 2006, it's time to replace it.

3. Paint
Retailers know that an extra day off work will likely mean an extra day for home owners to complete a project around the house. While you are less likely to see steep discounts on paint this weekend, up to 20% off on paint will lead to big savings when you have a entire house to paint.

4. Patio Furniture
This is the best time all year to buy patio furniture, including grills that you'll use year round. Some retailers have already marked down select patio items up to 75% off. Take advantage of the sales and get your patio ready for fall at the same time by purchasing a new fire pit to go with that new patio set.