As you pack up all of your belongings into boxes you might start thinking, “this is the last time I will see these things in my house...” While moving is certainly a time to celebrate changing and moving forward, it’s still hard keeping a norm when all of your life is packed up into boxes. Here are some tips to keep some of your life constant while you make the transition in moving to Concord, NC.

Keep Your Schedule

This is especially important if you have children, because children thrive with consistent structure.  If you normally eat at a certain time as a family, find a way to do so while your things are packed up and even on your moving day. Making time to pick up a pizza and eating on your kitchen floor of your new home can be a great to keep your normal routine. When your Concord movers are done getting your things unloaded to your new home, try to get out the essentials for that night to make your bedtime quick and at the normal time.

Pack a Specials Box

Keeping a smaller box with familiar common items you like to use or see everyday might make the transition of being in your new home a little easier. Unpack this box first, and it will likely feel like a sigh of relief. You could pack pictures, books, a set of towels and your favorite toiletries. These small comforts can make you feel like a millions bucks in no time. 

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