The southern states have many traditions that are so strong within their culture you might not even realize they are in fact regional. Here are some big differences in moving from Charlotte, North Carolina to the big New York City, New York. After all, you don’t want to be walking around the big city wondering why people aren’t using your southern dialect.

Weather. Moving from the temperate region of North Carolina, you may not have experienced much snow, sleet, or ice in your life. So get ready for the winter to give you new experiences. Every southerner moving up north has a rough year of transitioning into the cold, bitter winters. But with expectations clearly defined and a nice warm down coat, you can make it through alive, we promise. If you plan on driving, make sure your first couple of drives in the winter are not in a high traffic or high stress situations.

Food. Luckily, you’re moving to New York City where you can find almost any cuisine you’re looking for. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many southern options as your former North Carolina. This calls for some open-minded exploration of new food choices. And hopefully you can find some sweet tea that’s palatable somewhere!

Friendliness. This might be the hardest difference to overcome. People in the city are busy: “places to go, people to see.” You might long for the southern hospitality you have come to know when living in the south, but over time you’ll soon be walking with head down, looking at your phone in your hand.

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