It’s no surprise to anyone to hear a move was “stressful”, but with careful planning and a moving checklist your moving day can actually be enjoyable. When you have the helping hands of your Cary movers, you can trust that at least one major part of your relocation is stress free. Here is a checklist of things to do well in advance of your moving date.

One to Two Months Prior

-Take inventory. Maybe not of every item you own, unless that is something that gets you excited, but take inventory of your valuables. Make sure to take pictures and write a description, if you have an appraisal for the item make sure to note this information.

-Break the news. This would be a good thing to post on Facebook, so people know that you’re moving, and the upside to letting people know sooner might give you some leads on a new home, good realtors, or even new friends to be made in your new home. This is important to let your current landlord know well in advance, so that you can get your deposit back on your rental.

Five to Six Weeks Prior

-Finalize your real estate transaction or rental agreement. Make sure to turn in all your necessary paperwork for either your new rental or your mortgage. Failing to do so with a lender could push back your closing date, which adds to the whole stress equation.

-Start to pack. I know it seems like five to six weeks is rather soon to start packing, but that moving day will sneak up on you pretty fast. Pack up your out of season items or other things that you might not need right away, you will be thanking yourself later that you started early. 

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