If this is your first time selling your home you might not know where to start. While “stress-free” might be a relative term, if you follow these tips you’ll be on the right track.



It’s hard to see past clutter to imagine how big a room might be. As you go through your home and see that you have more stuff to stow away than storage space available, you’ll probably want to look into getting a self-storage unit in Wilmington, NC. There’s nothing worse than crammed storage spaces in your house.


Remove personal items

Buyers need to imagine themselves living in your home, and this is very hard to do when every corner they turn there’s a picture of you and your family. This includes your children’s artwork from school on the refrigerator and even custom painting or murals in children’s bedrooms.


Neutralize (both decor and smell)

This might seem like a list of no-brainers, but you live in your house every day and don’t notice the obscurity it might hold. If you’re questioning if something looks out of place or of a peculiar style that might not appeal to the masses, take it out. Another area to be concerned with is making sure your home smells nice. This is especially important if you cook with exotic or strong smelling spices or have a hobby that includes harsh smelling chemicals, like refinishing cars.

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