Moving creates an excuse to reorganize your belongs for easier cleanup and access during those days when all you have is 15 minutes to get ready and be out of the door. After the dust settles from your Charlotte movers placing each box in their new home, make a plan to organize your bathroom space. Here are some tips on how to do it.

1. Use the most accessible areas for everyday use items. Items like deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, and hand soap should be easy to access. Store these frequently used items either on your countertop or tucked away in the first drawer of your vanity. Other items that you might not use everyday can be grouped together and stored under your sink or in a nearby closet. 2. Find organizing units for smaller items like makeup and contact lens supplies. Finding your nail clippers can be a challenge if they are tossed in a drawer with everything else you decided you didn’t want on your sink area. Keeping the smaller items in storage containers and then labeling the contents might help you find what you need without any extra effort. 3. Group like items together, so you don’t have to search every drawer in your bathroom for your floss. Items that you use together should be stored together. That way, when you’re done brushing your teeth you have your rinse cup ready to go. If you keep items together that share common uses, it may also keep you from buying products you mistakenly thought you were out of.

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