Relocation can bring stresses for even the most calm person, and having your fragile items moved even a short distance across town can put you on edge. As you well know, the Raleigh DeHaven’s movers will professionally handle your items with care to ensure all your possessions make it to your new location unscathed. If you decided to pack your fragile items yourself, here are some tips to ensure your items remain intact.


1. Fine china, glassware, and other fine decorative items need to be individually wrapped in paper, bubble wrap or linen cloth. This can take much longer than you expect, so give yourself plenty of time to ensure that your items are well protected. Once each item is wrapped individually, you can place them in your box and fill any open space with crumpled up newspaper, bubble wrap, or anything that can absorb energy if the box is shaken. Keep in mind to place heavier items on the bottom of the boxes so your smaller items won’t get damaged.


2. If you feel nervous about something, take it in the car with you. Lets face it, if Grandma’s antique vase means the world to you and you can’t bear to think about it bouncing around in a box on the moving truck, taking it in your car will relieve some moving stress. If you do take a fragile item in the car with you, just make sure it’s packed appropriately to avoid accidents.


3. Let the professionals take care of you! Your DeHaven’s movers will make sure your fragile items are packed and moved without a hitch. They know how to pack anything, and can make sure your items are moved smoothly and in one piece. At the end of the day, “better safe than sorry” really is the best policy for your breakables and keepsakes.

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