Making a move can be hard on kids and parents alike. When you are all unpacked, make sure to treat your kids and go have some family fun in your new town of Columbia, SC. Below are some great places to check out and make the transition a little more enjoyable for everyone.


EdVenture Children's Museum

Go see Eddie, the forty foot, thirty-five thousand pound “world’s largest child” at the EdVenture Children’s Museum. Here your kids can drive a real fire truck, chat with a skeleton, and visit places around the globe. EdVenture is the largest children’s museum in the south with dozens of galleries and exhibits aimed at kids twelve and younger and a new healthy cafe “The Green Fork.” EdVenture is a great place to host a birthday party, field trip, or just bring the kids and their friends on a Saturday!


Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

The Riverbanks Zoo & Garden boasts an impressive collection of over two thousand animals on exhibit. The vast, 170 acres of space  takes you on a journey through rivers, valleys, historic landmarks, and several “natural habitat” exhibits. Riverbanks is an award-winning zoo that is sure to leave you and your family inspired by the beauty of wildlife. But don’t stop with the animals- extend the exploration in the wonderful botanical gardens.


Columbia Children's Theatre

For those with a passion for theater, the Columbia Children’s Theatre is a wonderful way to introduce your children to the creative world of acting, production, and writing. This non-profit theater features five professional productions each season, as well as three productions driven by students ages six to eighteen. Whether your kids want to enjoy a production or get involved themselves, Columbia Children’s Theatre is an awesome place to start.

Photo attributed to Flickr member @JasonTromm via the Creative Commons license.