If your garage or basement seems to be multiplying piles of clothes and boxes, it’s time to think about a storage unit. But once you’ve recognized your need for more storage, how do you get everything in order? There are some who would argue that organization is an art, and it’s doesn’t end with your house. Here are some tips to organize your self storage unit in Wilmington, NC.


1. First, take all the things you are considering for storage and place them into two piles: (1) Items that you currently use, and (2) items that you can live without. The items in the second pile can make for a great garage sale or donation to a local thrift shop. Getting rid of items you don’t need will help keep the clutter in your self storage unit to a minimum.


2. After you have sorted the items you plan on keeping, place the items of likeness together. For example, try and put all your Easter decorations or baby keepsakes in one big box rather than many boxes, bins or trash bags.


3. Next, label the contents of each container with some masking tape and a permanent marker. This will make visits back and forth to your self storage unit much faster and less hectic.


4. When you’re at the storage unit organizing your boxes, consider how you might need to access your belongings. Make sure to put all of the infrequently used items towards the back, leaving room in the front for things you might need to come get throughout the year.

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