For many individuals, hiring Durham movers and relocating into a larger home comes with boundless excitement and a clean slate to craft a dynamic interior design. If you and your family will be moving in the near future, putting together the ideal home entertainment system is probably a pet project you've had on your mind for quite some time. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you're putting together your media setup.


Examine The Dimensions Of The Room
To achieve the best possible surround sound, you should begin by taking the dimensions of your space and figuring out what kind of setup would be perfect for the space. A standard 5.1 system with two satellites, two surround sounds, one center channel and subwoofer speakers is ideal for small living rooms, while large spaces could benefit from the inclusion of a 7.1 system.


Incorporate An A/V Receiver
While you could go out and purchase an all-in-one surround sound system, this won't help if you're trying to connect multiple components to your premium sound. An A/V receiver is a great option that will sync up your DVD and VHS players, music systems and video game consoles into one central nerve center that will control them all.


Consider LED Backlighting
As a final touch for your home media setup, why not invest in a few LED light strips and use them to provide backlighting behind your television? Backlighting is a great technique that reduces the strain on a person's eyes when they're viewing media and can provide a soft glow that's ideal for your living room. Best of all, if you're having company, go with something a bit more festive and incorporate colorful light strips to improve your space's aesthetic appeal.