One of the hardest aspects of moving to a new city is leaving your friends and family behind and starting off with a rather limited social circle. However, once your Durham movers have dropped off the last of your belongings and you're fully unpacked, you may be chomping at the bit to get out and meet some new people. If you're unsure of where to start, the following activities could help you get to know your community a bit better. Meet Your Neighbors Your neighbors are some of your most immediate social outlets, so make an effort to introduce yourself soon after your move, suggests It's vital to have someone you know and trust living next door, and it may help you get to know more people in the neighborhood and put yourself in the pipeline for other social events. Join A Group Or Volunteer Whether you decide to help out at the local senior center, join the PTA at your son's or daughter's school or engage in another form of outreach, this is a wonderful way to meet like-minded people and make a positive impact on your community. Go Out And Explore Putting yourself out there in a more organic situation may be a bit more exciting, so consider taking a trip to your local coffee shop, restaurant or bar and try to strike up a conversation with someone, suggests You may just meet a new friend or two who could make your transition to your new hometown a bit more enjoyable.