Locavores, those whose entire diet revolves around locally-grown fruits, vegetables and other foods, know just how difficult it can be when getting started off in a new place. When your Durham movers have gone and you're trying to adjust to life in your new home, you may be wondering how you'll find the foods you'll need to resume your lifestyle. Thankfully, there are locavore-friendly locales in many major cities that you should check out. Here are a few places to get started.

Visit Your Local Farmer's Market
This is one of the most reliable methods of securing locally-grown produce and other foods, and typically these farmer's markets are wonderful social occasions that will allow you to meet people from all walks of life in your community. These events can typically help you cut down on the long-term costs of your food budget and allow you to pick up some of the fresh fruits and veggies you love.

Join A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Plan
A CSA is a means of buying local produce and other foods from a series of farmers in your area that will be delivered to a central location each week. These plans are often paid for with a fee up front, and soon after you'll be enjoying all of the local specialties your new community has to offer.

Preserve Local Food For The Winter Once you've found a few reliable methods of picking up local foods, you'll need to find a way to enjoy them throughout the year when some fruits and veggies aren't in season. Consider picking up a large freezer chest that you can use to store your foods throughout the winter to always have a healthy and locally-sourced solution waiting for you at home.