Some of your most valuable possessions may be electronic equipment. However, packing items with multiple lengthy extension cords and wires can get tricky. Here are a few tips to make moving and setting up those electronics easy and fault-free.

Wire Control
Sometimes the biggest hassle when it comes to electronics are the yards of wires and chords that get tangled and add extra hours to the setting up process as you do your best to undo those knots. A good idea is to buy twisty ties or a bunch of elastic bands and wrap them around the wires so each one stays separate and tangle-free. You can then tape the wires to whatever piece of equipment they belong to for further organization.

Setup Setback
Your stereo and home entertainment system has myriad plugs and cords going every which way, and setting everything up can be an extreme hassle, especially if you have trouble recalling what plug goes into what input. Instead of trying to commit it to memory, you can just snap a picture of the back of your console, so you can consult the photograph as you set everything up in your new home.

Packing Properly
If you still have the boxes that your electronics came in, you should try to use those as you pack. They will be the correct size and be durable enough to handle the weight. It's also a good idea to consider using tissue paper, packing peanuts or old newspapers to pad the insides and keep the electronics from shifting around. Furthermore, you may want to label your electronics "Fragile" with a thick marker, so your Durham Movers know to use extra caution.